Doing Business Does Not Need to Be Dull: Fostering Creativity in the Workplace


In different stages of our lives, we get told to be more creative or generate innovative ideas. However, no one teaches us how to unlock the best version of our creativity. Many of us don’t even understand the intrinsic factors that flourish our souls into creating something artistic. Also, we are caught up in our to-do list and in our productivity goals, thus allowing our daily environment to disconnect us from the art of expressing our emotions. Consequently, we conclude that we are incapable of applying creativity in the workplace. However, what is creativity in reality? Is our workplace motivating and influencing us enough to give 100% of ourselves in achieving the desired outcomes?

More specifically, creativity exists as a revolutionary vision that goes beyond the artist’s paintbrush, architect’s design, engineer’s construction, and a company’s strategy. In business terms, it is a component that enhances the capability of organizations to retain their competitive advantage and stay ahead of their competitors. Differently stated, it is a significant contributor in cultivating a strong business mindset that fosters long-term growth. Hence, managers need to utilize the following strategies to boost employee creativity:

  1. Managers should determine weekly goals, whereby employees will need to produce effective schemes for conquering the competition. Additionally, the contribution of employees increases, motivation chemicals are released, and the enthusiasm for carrying challenging responsibilities arises. This strategy induces brainstorming and involves a creative process that encompasses the generation, development, and communication of new thoughts and concepts, which become the basis of your innovation strategies that will prompt successful projects.
  2. Furthermore, if managers require a portfolio of alternative opinions or provide training sessions and healthy communication, the reproduction of well-taught, potential employees will be manifested. Considering that, employees will individually grasp new material, maneuvers on how to be high-quality employees while striving to improve the art of imagination in the workplace.
  3. Those executives that persuade the establishment of mutual connections encourage bold desires of pursuing unfamiliar experiences. Alternatively, managers by increasing team debates every week, unleash critical opposing opinions, intuitive information provided by conflicting discussions. Consequently, different viewpoints merge into a single idea for incorporating it as a part of future performances. Subsequently, the rivalry gets highly correlated to the trigger that boosts innovation. At last, allowing the liberty of expressing passions is a beneficial way for elevating their score with persistence in the journey of meeting long-term intuitive excellence.
  4. Finally, executives should encourage the practice of self-reflection. When the workload increases, people strive to focus on the desired outcome and forget that what they are doing is valuable and significant to their personal growth and their company. Allowing employees to delve into their self-reflection check-in can result in a greater sense of cautiousness about their past, current, and future accomplishments, thus motivating them to think differently and be open to positive change.


Employee creativity can arise as to the oxygen of businesses’ success and longevity. It is indeed a hidden puzzle piece of emotional intelligence. Incorporating employees’ creativity could be converted into a future asset for running a creative company when fostered by the correct methodologies and spread in different operating systems.

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