How LinkedIn Is Assisting Millions Of People Return To Work


The Covid-19 epidemic, which has caused millions of people to lose their jobs, has also opened up new possibilities for online business, courses, and training. This new era of digital connectivity has given many of us optimism by introducing a fresh new perspective to working.

LinkedIn’s parent company, Microsoft, is experimenting with a career explorer tool that displays to job searchers how their abilities connect to hundreds of job titles. It also demonstrates which abilities they still need to develop. Users are directed to online learning classes where they may pick up new abilities.

According to Ryan Roslansky, CEO of LinkedIn: 

“People from 231 countries and territories, and all 50 states have tapped into our program at since we launched in June. We’re seeing huge numbers of people from the U.S., India, UK, France and Canada learning every day, with some of the most popular courses being for roles in software development, customer service and data analysts.”

For example, over 96 percent of hiring managers will recruit someone who has lost a job because to COVID-19. Some of the fastest-growing talents on LinkedIn are programming, digital marketing, finance, and data analysis. Workers with communication, business management, and problem-solving abilities are also in demand.

LinkedIn’s Economic Graph allows users to search for and pick skills and career paths. It is capable of doing so for over 706 million professionals, 55 million businesses, and 11 million job openings. This platform will be an important connection for white-collar workers in the future, as well as a crucial HR tool in a variety of ways. LinkedIn, as a platform, is concentrating on helping as many people as possible through training. With a core emphasis for more experts, marketing and outreach value may rise in the future.

LinkedIn’s new career paths highlight the following:

  • New Career Explorer tool

This really handy tool can help you discover jobs which you might be able to transfer your current skills. It is accomplished by mapping your abilities to thousands of job titles. You will be pointed to contacts who already hold this position and LinkedIn’s Learning courses that can assist you. 

  • 150M more open roles- Identifying in-demand skills and learning opportunities

Candidates who complete LinkedIn’s Skill Assessments and show the badge on their profiles have a 20% higher chance of being recruited than those who do not. Since June, almost 13 million people have gained new skills linked to the most in-demand occupations all around the world.

  • You are not alone 

Many people are cautious to discuss their employment status with their friends and family, fearing that it may harm their job hunt. Using the new #OpenToWork profile photo frame, people with an Open to Work photo frame receive 40% more InMails from recruiters on average. These individuals are 20% more likely to get messages from the LinkedIn community as a whole.

  • Finding the people who are hiring 

LinkedIn has developed a new #Hiring profile photo frame for job searchers, allowing them to see who is hiring right in their feed. 

  • Virtual interview skills for work

LinkedIn has released new interview prep for high-demand occupations such as software engineers and project managers, in order to help people increase their chances of getting those positions.


Linkedin, an already powerful tool for networking and career advancement, is taking things to a new level! The platform will continue to be a great source for career growth and networking, but now its potentially powerful training offerings will help those who are looking for a career change. If you are not already using this powerful platform to its fullest, now is the time to jump in and start connecting!

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