How To Manage and Grow Your Self Awareness

A famous quote states: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

“All wonders you seek are within yourself”. While this may hold true, many of us do not take the time to explore what this actually means. One might ask, “Why is self-awareness so crucial? How can I make my self-discovery journey work towards enhancing the quality of my lifestyle?” Predominantly, discovering what you are capable of will allow you to bypass tons of frustration caused by putting time into the wrong things. In other words, shifting your attention towards obtaining self-awareness will allow you to begin making a bigger impact on the world. However, there is one price you have to pay. That ”price” is eliminating the factors that trigger the growth of your comfort zone. Even though it sounds cliche, moving out of your comfort zone is the most effective way to elevate your current position in life. The avoidance of taking risks or participating in challenging endeavors handicaps your personal growth, limits your contribution to your community, and negatively impacts your future. Thus, being a better steward over your own self-awareness is crucial for your own development and even those around you.

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Here are four ways to take control and manage your self awareness journey: 

  1. Consider motivation a myth and strengthen your inner discipline. 

You cannot and should not expect for growth and change to happen when you “feel” ready. If you rely only on your motivational forces, growth and change will ebb and flow and not remain constant. Practice the habits that build upon your discipline; daily and deliberate behaviors that will also test your perseverance to achieve your goals. In fact, this method will eliminate the barriers of the so-called limiting beliefs, because you will have already trained yourself to obey a daily standardized method of behaving. 

      2. Lose Parts of Yourself.

More specifically, train yourself to lose those parts that are hindering your growth. This training can only happen if you allow yourself to take on new experiences and become “okay” when  you make mistakes during the process. Here, your brain is exposed to an unknown outcome, which leads to greater insecurity. And if you are a person that loves probable outcomes, prepare to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Lots of ups and downs will follow your path, you will doubt yourself, and the foundations of your confidence will be shaken. However, this is exactly when the internal walls that you have built  up for so long will finally start to fall. Some aspects of yourself you will outgrow, which may cause you to experience mixed emotions. 

    3. Take Notes on Your Daily Progress and Any Regress. 

Self-discovery is a “heal and discover process”. Starting a journal will assist you in exploring and releasing the events in your daily life. It allows you to “let go” of mental and emotional obstacles.  Actually, daily note taking and journaling will let the brain absorb this new information faster, thus enhancing your nervous, responsive system. It can also have a positive impact on your physical health too!

4. Do Not be Hard on Yourself. 

Instead, praise and thank yourself for trying to give your 100% each day. This is highly effective because you are not punishing yourself for what has not happened, but appreciating your small successes regularly. This will allow the creation of a healthier relationship with yourself. 


Managing and growing your self awareness is a daily practice that most of us do not practice. Fear and letting “life” get in the way often prevent us for taking better care of your inner person. Do not be scared to fall forward. Instead, incorporate self awareness as a daily habit and welcome the changes that will surely come to pass. 

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