Life is NOT a Race – Learn Self Appreciation


Unlike the adorable cat in the picture on this post…we do not have the luxury of nine lives! And as business people we often try to compete, to do better, to be better than the rest. Thanks to the current world we live in, social media and more…almost EVERYTHING has become a “competition”. We often find ourselves trying so hard to measure and compare ourselves to everyone. But can success really be measured? Can happiness be measured? Can anyone know how they are really “doing” in life? So why do we have this feeling to compete, to be “better than the other people”? Or even worse, to pressure ourselves to always “win”. As if winning is everything and nothing else matters.

Often people feel entitled to compare or judge everything around them, to choose who is doing better, or to choose a “winning product” when purchasing goods. But, why is it so hard to comprehend the idea that we are not here to compete and we are not here to race in life. Even though we are taught that “the winner takes it all”, how will we know who the winner is? And what’s is even funnier is that no one really knows the answer to the following questions:

Who determines when the race starts?

When does the race end?

Who chooses the criteria for the race?

Eventually, everyone will realize that we do not wake up every day to compete and to be so fixated on the idea of winning without taking the time to enjoy what we already have and what we have accomplished. Some people are aware of it and some are not, but because they have spent so much of their time “competing” in this so-called “race”, many don’t know how to stop this behavior or how to look at things differently. Many of us don’t know how to stay accountable and true to ourselves, without pressuring ourselves, to have a longer to-do list than my friend, to have a bigger goal than my neighbor, and ultimately “win”; winning is everything, nothing else matters…

Life is not only yesterday or tomorrow, but it is also NOW, this moment right now, as I am writing this and you are reading it. Life is happening every second of the time, or rather time is passing by every second. It is our thoughts, our emotions and feelings that make the present feel real, that makes us feel alive, not the race, not the “victory”.


Every day we have is a gift to enjoy, to explore, to feel and to be hopeful that a miracle might happen or that breakthrough we have been looking for is here. Every day, we have conquered something that we were working on so hard to do, something new that we learned that we didn’t even realize we didn’t know yesterday.  Learn the art of self-appreciation! Learn and practice, daily, how to appreciate yourself and appreciate how far you have come! 

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