From Child Cook to Successful Chef: Meet Chef Dee


Meet Chef Diedra Johnson who is better known as “Chef Dee”. She is the Executive Chef and founder of 350 Degrees Chef Service. Her company provides Personal Chef Service, Full Service Catering, Romantic Dinners,  and Sculptured Cakes. Chef Dee lives by the motto “Eat to Live but Dine to Feed your Soul”

At a very young age Chef Dee was selling cakes and desserts for birthday parties, local church functions, showers, and graduations.  Not wanting to limit herself she obtained a vast collection of cookbooks and expanded her skills into main courses leading to full menu catering for small to medium size events.

Throughout her life Diedra had many jobs but never letting go of her passion for food and creating.  In 1999 she formalized her training at the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago (AI).  Under the prestigious chefs and educators her basic skills were fine tuned and enhanced and she developed knowledge of international and nutritional cuisine as well as the basics of wines and spirits.

Here is just a “taste” of her culinary gifts! You will get to know Chef Dee more and learn how to cook with taste and health both “on the plate” on Season 1 of BIBO Weekly!