The Power, Purpose, & Beauty Behind Purple

Purple’s rare hue in nature and the expensive process to manufacture the color and has given purple an almost supernatural aura for centuries. Purple is a color with its own  powerful history. In fact, the symbolism of purple are more significant and interesting than those of any other color.

Historically, purple, because it was a color almost never seen in nature and required a lengthy process to create, was almost always the color that adorned  many nobles and emperors. Over time, the color has come to be synonymous with dignity, royalty, and creativity.  Light purples are more romantic in nature while darker purple hues denote the intellectual.

It is because of this color’s rich history, purpose and powerful symbolism that we have made it the official color of the BIBO brand: Our 501c3, The BIBO Foundation and our annual BIBO Awards. And…it is indeed the official color of other “star” of the show…our beloved purple couch!

The women that we will showcase and highlight on Season 1 of BIBO Weekly, whether they wear this color or not, all embody the traits associated with this hue: Strength, Creativity, and Dignity.  Join us as we introduce these amazing, strong, intelligent, and powerful women and celebrate who they are!