The Latest Makeup Trend That Embraces Natural Beauty


If you were to open up a makeup time capsule from 2016, it would be filled with full coverage foundations, harsh contour kits, full pigmented liquid lipsticks, and brow pomades. The norm was to apply a full face of makeup which hid all of your imperfections and changed all facial features to fit unrealistic beauty standards. Thankfully this trend seems to be long behind us!

     We can all agree that 2020 was a frightfully eventful year to say the least. And it was also, for most, an uneventful year. The quarantine single handedly hindered our social lives to the point of not seeing friends and family for several months at a time. Although this pandemic brought on huge tragedies, it did help with many individual’s physical self-acceptance.

    During quarantine, many women took the time to embrace their natural beauty. Going to the hair and nail salon was no longer an option. Doing a full face of makeup became a “once in a blue moon” event rather than a daily task. People started seeing themselves with no makeup, with their natural nails, and natural hair more than ever. They became comfortable and fell in love with their untapped beauty. 

    Now that our social lives are getting more and more busy, new makeup trends are emerging. Thus, the “Natural” Makeup Trend was born. The rise of popularity in brands such as Glossier, Rare Beauty, and Milk Makeup boosted the momentum of this new trend. If you were to create a makeup time capsule right now the full coverage foundation would be replaced with a tinted moisturizer, contour is replaced with blush, and liquid lipsticks are traded in for tinted lip balms and lip glosses. 

Hot Items: Cream Makeup

    Say goodbye to all of your powders! Cream Products are all the rage right now. Specifically, cream blushes, bronzers, and highlights. Nearly all Makeup brands are developing new cream based formulas to their tried and true powder shades. What makes cream products better than powder products you may ask? The biggest pro to cream products is that they melt directly in your skin, rather than looking like a product applied on top of your foundation. Have you ever wanted that “glow from within” look? Try using a cream highlighter and unleash your inner JLO.  

Another major advantage to cream products is that they can even be infused with skincare ingredients! Cream products and tinted moisturizers are perfect if you want to get some anti-aging properties from your makeup. Tinted moisturizers are often infused with Hyaluronic acid (an amazing moisturizing agent) and some cream blushes are infused with Vitamin C and Skin Care oils. Just a quick note that the best anti-aging agent is SPF so make sure to use it daily! 

How to Use Cream Products: 

    You may be a bit reluctant in trying out cream products. They can be intimidating, trust me I know! All you need is a little bit of practice. Before you apply your cream blush or bronzer, first  do a test run on your hand. This will help you understand the consistency and pigmentation of the product. By doing this you will get a sense of how much to apply. Start off by using a small amount and build on that amount according to your preferred look. The best way that I have found to use cream products is to first apply a little bit with your fingers. The warmth from your fingers will help melt the product a bit and make it more blendable. Then take your makeup sponge and blend away! Set your cream products with a little bit of translucent powder to help them stay all day!

Let us know if you try this out! Or are you already onboard with this new trend?  

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