The Perks of Being a Volunteer

“The echo of our instinct is what will save us all in this storm ! “ — Anonymous

Every day we are flooded with questions, quotes and opinions about how to make the world a little bit better place to live, but the answer lies only within ourselves. Volunteering is one of the main steps towards the action for improvement.

It can be called “magic in motion”. While you swim in the sea of opportunities, the universe opens much more than we think ! 

There are many areas in which volunteering would be a major benefit; from humanitarian actions to cultural events. Not only do you help make things better for other people and causes, but YOU also grow through the process. The people you see, the faces you make smile on daily basis, and the little changes you make … are actually bigger than you think! Helping strangers, cleaning the mess, the hugs you share after a hard-working day will fill the hearts and nourish the mind and even body of others. Aside from the actual work of a volunteer, there are strategic opportunities to meet new people (and possibly foster new business and personal connections),  learn about different cultures, become more patient, learn how to do various things by yourself or in a group and most importantly, you gain great experiences that last a lifetime. 

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Short tips for (first time) volunteering:

  • The summer period is especially full of interesting events and it is a perfect opportunity to apply for volunteering; But volunteering is needed YEAR ‘ROUND!;
  • It is totally okay to feel confused and fearful, but take the chance and make your life worth living for;
  • Ask questions about the work, memorize and then learn how to be independent;
  • Always help strangers, offer your help, be curious but not intrusively;
  • Always drink water and eat after or during any physical volunteer work, don’t forget yourself !
  • Make new friends, share stories and be yourself;
  • At the end of the day congratulate yourself for the things you did that day, hug the loved ones, sleep when/if you can and prepare for one more day of ‘’magic in motion’’.
  • After the end of the event write every emotion that you felt, or say it out loud, you will see how much you’ve grown for yourself and the people around you.

Humanity has the ability of a successfully accomplished mission, when it is shown by deeds and not by words !

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